How long does it take to have a website designed?
The time frame is determined by the size of your web site and the complexity of your site design. Technowebs will work within your time frame and inside your budget which we will agree with you at the outset. 

What are the maintenance costs on a website?
Unlike other companies that levy a charge on a monthly basis there are no maintenance charges. The only cost you are likely to incur is for web hosting which we provide to all our clients FREE for the first year. In the second year we will charge according to the price specified in our design brief. We don’t hike up prices in year 2, 3 or 4 etc. Again you know exactly what you will pay. 

What is web hosting?
Web hosting is your presence on the Internet. It is where your unique domain name is located and where your site it hosted, allowing access to your site 24/7. 

I am currently hosted with another hosting company can I use my existing hosting?
In most cases you can use your existing hosting dependant upon its features. 


How do I switch from my current hosting company to your hosting?
We will take care of all the necessary arrangements to switch over your hosting. 

I am currently in dispute with my current web design company and I am afraid of losing my domain name can you help?
If you own a domain name then no one can take it from you or hold onto it, even if you owe them money. Although we can’t enter into disputes with your current web design supplier we can help you get your domain back for you.

Do you offer search engine optimisation?
Yes we offer a range of search engine optimisation programs.

Do you offer consulting?
Yes we do. Our Free Initial consultation is to understand your company and your project. In addition, we also offer more in-depth consultations for a fee to those companies that need help in formulating their e-strategy.

What sort of support do you offer?
We offer a full after sales support if you have any questions about your site or need help in using it we are always available at the end of the phone or by email.